Independent asset management and interactive investment advice

Corporate Philosophy

IMP AG is an independent asset management company characterized by its entrepreneurial-driven culture. The company is licensed and regulated as an asset manager company by the Financial Markets Authority in Liechtenstein.

We take pride in providing exceptional services in discretionary asset management and interactive investment advice by practicing a client-first policy. The major pillars of our organizational culture are based on the overarching principles of regular communication, consistent transparency, the maintenance of high ethical standards, and professional integrity. 

We strive to achieve the best results attainable for our client base by providing utmost flexibility, efficient decision making, and by focusing on performance-based goals.

Corporate Objectives

At IMP AG, our core clientele consists of UHNW entrepreneurial individuals and influential families, family businesses as well as family offices. 

The company’s approach aims to establish a MIFID conform investment structure that is best suited to achieve each client’s return objective, preferred time horizon, and risk tolerance. At the center of our approach stands the suitability and appropriateness for each client, which is determined upon the on-boarding process as well as on an ongoing basis throughout each investment year. Together with the custodian banks, we provide competitive pricing, best execution, cost transparency and active risk management. 

We provide discretionary asset management services whereby the client delegates the decision-making and responsibility to our team of dedicated experts. To be able to act on behalf of the client, IMP AG is granted a limited power of attorney to guarantee seamless operations with the preferred custodian banks. In order to avoid conflicts of interests, we pursue investment objectives in a neutral, independent manner without relying on an incentivization model. 

We also offer interactive investment advisory whereby with the client, we provide personalized optimal solutions and recommendations tailored to the client’s investment requirements and return objectives. This means that we generate investment ideas and identify specific opportunities through a systematic approach to provide access to best-in-class global fund managers, compliant investment research, and regulatory support.  

Investment Policy

The primary investment objective is long-term capital growth; to best attain this goal, we implement a Megatrend approach that is based on thematic investments that will have a major impact on the future shape of the global economy. Our convictions regarding the prevailing economic, geopolitical, and financial market conditions are formulated in our Investment Environment and Asset Allocation. 

IMP AG’s investment committee consists of Karin and Stefan Wiederkehr and acts as the supervisory body for the discretionary asset allocation and independent, strategic investment advisory process. The committee aims at steering and overseeing investment activities by setting strategic and tactical MIFID-compliant asset allocation bandwidths and adjusts them dynamically based on market conditions and outlooks. 

To ensure diligent and sustainable investing, the product range is determined on the basis of a comprehensive investment policy and adheres to the laws of Liechtenstein, the provisions of the Association of Independent Asset Managers as well as the MIFID regulations set forth by ESMA.

To ensure the good standing of the company, key positions have been outsourced. IMP AG has chosen to hire independent teams of seasoned professionals to update and help implement the most recent regulations applicable in Liechtenstein. By law, the external audits are to be delegated externally; in our case, this supervisory role is fulfilled by Baker Tilly (Liechtenstein) AG. To further guarantee full prudential transparency, IMP AG has entered delegation contracts with Audita Revisions-Aktiengesellschaft acting as the internal audit company and BDO (Liechtenstein) AG for compliance audits and consulting services. 


Investment Process

Corporate Structure

Board of Directors

  • Alois Wiederkehr
  • Stephan Kaufmann


  • Karin Wiederkehr
  • Stefan Wiederkehr

Regulatory Organization

Financial Market Authority Liechtenstein:

  • Licensed Asset Management Company
  • Licensed Fund Management Company

Professional Associations

Association of Independent Asset Managers in Liechtenstein

Deposit Guarantee and Investor Compensation Foundation PCC


Patrons of Asia Society's Gen A Alumni Travel Grant

Patrons of the Bob Club Liechtenstein

Partners of the Entrepreneur Day in Liechtenstein


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