Liechtenstein law exclusively applies to all contractual relations between the client and IMP AG.


IMP AG uses great care in providing content on its Website. IMP AG disclaims all liability that arises out of or in connection with the use of its website and from the use of links from its website to any third-party websites. The providers of such third party websites are solely responsible for the content provided therein.


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IMP AG (hereinafter "company") falls under the term "asset manager" according to Art. 367a No. 3 of the Liechtenstein Persons and Companies Act (PGR) and must therefore, describe its engagement policy in accordance to Art. 367h PGR.

The company does not exercise any shareholder rights according to Article 367h Paragraph 1 Items 1 and 4 PGR that are based on the engagement in stock corporations, in which the company has invested into as a part of asset management mandates. In particular, no rights related to the general meetings of stock corporations are exercised. The right to a share of profits and subscription rights are exercised in the interest of asset management mandates.

The monitoring of important corporate events in accordance to Article 367h, Paragraph 1, Item 2 of the PGR are implemented according to the corporations’ statutory reporting in financial reports and ad-hoc notifications.

There is no exchange of dialogue with the corporate bodies or other relevant stakeholders of the corporations in accordance to Article 367h Paragraph 1 Item 3 PGR.

There is no collaboration with shareholders or other relevant stakeholders of the corporations in accordance to Article 367h Paragraph 1 Items 5 and 6 PGR.

In the event of conflicts of interest in accordance to Article 367h Paragraph 1 Item 7 PGR, the necessary disclosure as well as clarification on how to proceed in regards to those affected is exercised in reference to the statutory provisions.

An annual publication regarding the implementation of the engagement policy does not take place in accordance to Art. 367h Paragraph 2 PGR as the corresponding rights management are not exercised.

A publication of the voting behavior in accordance to Article 367h Paragraph 2 PGR is not implemented as voting participation is not exercised.

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